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Cherie, Kaiwen and Renee,
13 this year, and still schooling.
Cherie's msn: cherie_chuakm@hotmail.com
Kaiwen's msn: kaiwenng@hotmail.com

Posb savings acc:

For enquiries only, email us at robmyblogshop@gmail.com

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Order Status
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Order Status

Cartoon Tees

Mailed out parcels. Preorder complete.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Shoppers,
Do check them out on the "Instocks" navigation on the right.

Monday, October 13, 2008


No Payment = No Order. (For preorders)
No Negotiation.
Swaps allowed for each second hand product.
No cancellation of orders after you've paid for the items. If you insist, there is no refund. (For preorders)

Payment Method
Meetups - Tampines (FOC) , Pasir Ris to Bugis $1 extra charge. City Hall to Commonwealth $1.50 extra charge. Buona Vista to Boon Lay $2. [ONLY Green line.]
POSB Transfer

Collection Method
Meetups like the above stated
Deliver to your school? Sure, $3.50 more. [Provided within the green line only.]
1.) Registered Postage($4) - Strongly Recommended
2.) Normal Postage($2)

About swaps
Swaps are ONLY available for the secondhand products.
The condition of the secondhand product will be stated on the picture itself.
If the color is different when you get back the products, it is not our fault but maybe the cause of your computer resolution or camera flashes.

Take note
1) Few hours before meetup, I would sms you to confirm again if there are any changes of timing.
2) After you send in your order form, if you're changing your contact number(s), email address or address, please do inform me. (!!)
3) If you've not paid upon receiving several notices, a warning letter would be send to you, OR you'll be blacklisted on our blogshop.
4) Goods are not refundable/exchangeable.
5) Seriously on a first-come-first-serve basis.
6) Once the order form is sent, a confirmation email which you will receive within 24-48hrs. If you have not received a confirmation email within 2days, please send the order form again and inform me in the email that it is your 2nd time emailing me.
7) Customers who are collecting your purchases by postage,
7a. I will NOT be responsible if you do not receive your items.
7b. I will also NOT be responsible if the goods are destroyed during the delivery by SingPost.
7c. The goods will take about 2-3 working days to reach your stated mailbox, so, please do not fret.
8) Products each have a waiting time depending on the supplier.
9) You will only receive the products after you've paid the money.
10) Items will be confiscated if failed to retrieve after the date of the meetup.
11) By ordering, it means that you've READ and ACCEPTED my T&C stated above.

Blacklisting cases
You'll be blacklisted for:
1. Playing MIA (missing in action) or going on hiatus.
2. Backing out of orders more than 2 times
3. Spamming the tagboards Non-stop.

Thank you.
Have fun shopping!